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Snorkelling and Swimming

Snorkelling area, depends on weather. All these beaches have no lifeguard, so you have to know how to swim for sure.


Outside 道の駅おおぎみ, there is a beach called 根路銘海岸. There are nice corals and fish out there.


This is a place in Onna 恩納, Route 6 on the map. Many tourists but it is a beautiful place. However, check out the weather before you go there. There is a live webcam to see if swimming is allowed.


This place is in Motobu 本部. It has many nice big fish. It can get busy but it depends. If the waves are too big, do not go snorkeling there, it can be dangerous. We once swam out the deeper part and the view was spectacular.


Other beaches:

Hike and River Gorging at TaDaKi Waterfall

Hike to a waterfall:

ター滝 – If you guys are fit enough to climb the rocks and walking in the stream. Before you go, you should wear swim wear that covers most part of your body and wet shoes, in order to prevent scratch from the rock. You can swim in the pond and it could be quite cool.

How to enterター滝 area:

There is a new car park built recently for visitors to park and walk to the river entrance.

Running, Hiking and Cycling

Running along the coast on route 58, either towards north or south. It has the perfect road to train for marathon. Up the routes to the forests, there are so many nice nature sceneries for you to explore.

Visiting other places like...

Local Restaurants and Farmer Markets

Restaurants, using and find many okinawa restaurants.

This 名護漁港水産物直販所(食堂)fish restaurant in Nago is open day time until 5pm only.


This is in Onna and seems like they can speak english and chinese.


名護市 燒肉乃我 新館 – there is an old one above a butcher shop on the main road nearby. There are many Chinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese go to this restaurant. I did not try the meat 'cos I don't eat beef and pork but my kids said very delicious.

はま寿司名護店 – This is the best in town and very cheap. Can be very crowded 'cos 90yen per dish during weekdays.


くら寿司名護店 – More people seem to like this 'cos the express line to delivery sushi dishes to your table.


あんあん 焼肉名護 – Taiwanese and Chinese's favourite


やざえもん 名護 – Inside Aeon in Nago


海鮮居食屋 活

Lovely small drinking restaurant in Nago.


There are more places to eat in Kunigami Kun 国頭

鮨 はなぜん

Okinawa soba places:


道の駅 – Local farmers market


About Ogimi, to find out even more visiting spots.

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